Online dating is risky. Worst-case scenario, the person you've met murders you. Better-but-still-not-great-case scenario, they're not nearly as attractive as their photos led you to believe. And weirdest-possible-case scenario, they turn out to be your long-lost sibling. 

Erik de Vries and Josephine Egberts hadn't seen each other in the 15 years since their parents divorced. de Vries went to Belgium with his father, and Egberts stayed in Holland. He tried to track her down over the years but had no luck. Then, when he returned to Holland to study, he signed up for Tinder.

The siblings unknowingly matched with each other and began flirting. Finally they realized they had the same back story and eventually met up for a family reunion. 

"When I saw him, it was suddenly very clear," Egberts said, not quite finishing her sentence. The rest of it should have gone, "... that I was incestuously flirting with a person whom I share 50 percent of the same DNA with in a scenario that's somewhat similar to Joe Dirt." 

The brother and sister don't seemed too concerned about how they reconnected, though. "It was so special to see my own blood brother again after 16 years," she said. 

[via NY Daily News]