Kim Jong-Un is a piece of shit. This isn't news to anyone outside of North Korea and pretty much the entire world knows this. 

Being a dictator that keeps the majority of his population malnourished, oppressed, and isolated from the rest of the planet is a perfect way for solidifying your reputation for being the biggest dick in the room. Leave it to the cherubic Kim Jong-Un to find a way to make the world hate him just a tiny bit more. Un has started assembling 'pleasure squads' made up of the country's most beautiful women in North Korea. The assembled women are meant to “entertain” the dictator and are stationed at his many homes across the impoverished and reclusive totalitarian state.

Un isn't the first in his family to create his very own concubines. Both his grandfather Kim Il-sung and his father Kim Jong Ill had pleasure squads, but Un disbanded them when he first took power because they were loyal to other members of his family. The young women were selected to serve as dancers or singers, with the most beautiful becoming members of the military elite's squad of concubines. In a country where nearly a third of the children are having their growth stunted because of malnutrition, it's good to see a dictator really focusing on acting like a smaller, less-charming Henry the VIII