Could Grand Theft Auto be coming to a theater near you? Possibly, but probably not the way you're thinking. 

Daniel Radcliffe is in negotiations to star in a film to star not as Trevor or Michael from GTA V, but rather the enigmatic and reclusive creator of GTA, Sam Houser. The film is about the true story of how one Miami lawyer, Jack Thompson, tried to ban GTA on account of video game violence. Last we checked, this lawsuit totally worked and there's no such thing as violent video games anymore. The film is being made by BBC Films and is being directed by Owen Harris who has a few episodes of Black Mirror and Misfits under his belt, both of which are good signs. Houser is the the co-founder and president of Rockstar and alongside his brother Dan have always taken inspiration from Hollywood when creating anything from Bully to Max Payne to GTA and have been two of the most influential forces in the video game medium.