We all know Furious 7 is going to make an absurd amount of money this weekend, so the only question is how absurd can that money get? The film has already taken in $15.8 million Thursday night, blowing away the $6.5 million Fast and Furious 6 made on its opening night. Overseas Furious 7 has made another $17 million. 

Breaking the record for an April opening looks like a sure thing for Paul Walker's final film. Captain America: The Winter Soldier holds the current record with $95 million, but it only took in $10.2 million on its opening night. And Fast and Furious 6's $6.5-million start didn't stop it from raking in $97 million to break the Memorial Day weekend record. 

Vin Diesel is somewhere getting box office updates like:

[via The Wrap]

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