All other movies that aren't kids movies or romances should just give up at the box office for the next few weeks, because Furious 7 continues to dominate. 

Let's run down the numbers: It made $60.6 million domestically and $195 in foreign theaters this week, bringing its North American total to $252 million and its combined worldwide total to more than $800 million.

At this point, it's already the highest-grossing Fast and Furious sequel of all time, and something seriously crazy would have to happen for not to become the first in the franchise to cross the billion-dollar mark. With that kind of money at stake, go ahead and plan on at least one more sequel (Vin Diesel wants to set it in NYC), and probably more. 

Proving that there were other movies in theaters this weekend, The Longest Ride opened with $13.5 million and Home was No. 2 with $19 million.