Getting your perfect body is almost like winning the lotto, except you're starving and sweating like hell on your way to the bodega to buy the ticket. We all want to get into our ideal shape, but the "one size fits all" fitness package clearly doesn't show results for everyone—and that's OK.

It's human nature to want to do the least amount of work needed to get the results we want. Whether at the office or in our free time, we don't want to work harder than we have to. So when it comes to weight loss, where simply increasing the time spent working out or the severity of your diet regimen aren't always keys to success, the key is to work smarter not harder. We're not fitness experts (and we don't claim to be either), but we've researched some simple changes that even the laziest person can introduce into his or her lifestyle. These are 7 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Killing Yourself.