Happy Earth Day, Earthlings.

April 22 was designated as a day to bring attention to environmental protection in 1970, and has since become the one day you definitely feel guilty for letting the water run too long while you're in the shower (looking at you, Californians). The awareness raised during the event is important, and any event that informs the public about the damage our everyday activities do to the planet, and the urgency to live our lives more sustainably is a good one in my book. Unfortunately, for some climate change deniers, oil lobbyists, and politicians, there might as well not even be an Earth Day. 

But companies like Apple are getting the word out about recycling electronics, Jessica Alba's startup is promoting the Toxic Substances Control Act, and Leonardo DiCaprio is promising to build an eco-friendly resort on his private island. The NSA is even celebrating the day with this mascot they plucked from some six-year-old's nightmare.

We thought we'd do things a bit differently today, and take a look at the ways life on Earth could be wiped out by our own hands, and by forces out of our control. Even though we're a tiny sphere cruising through the intergalactic highways, Earth is our home (for now), and should be treated with care. We may very well be obliterated one day by some distant force, so let's make the time we have here the best we can for humans, animals, and nature.

Here are just a few of the potential threats that could wipe out humanity as we know it.