Authorities in New York City say several people were arrested and two NYPD officers were injured during a protest of police brutality yesterday. 

According to Bedford + Bowery, the march began around 2 p.m. yesterday afternoon in Union Square and headed for the Brooklyn Bridge before police engaged protesters. After breaking through a police barricade, demonstrators reportedly began to block traffic, triggering what eventually amounted to as many as three-dozen arrests, according to the Daily Intelligencer. From there, demonstrators proceeded into downtown Brooklyn, reportedly continuing to block traffic. 

Per CBS New York, some protesters accused NYPD officers of using excessive force. An off-duty officer was reportedly punched in the face, while another was hit with a bottle. In a statement, Mayor Bill de Blasio said that both sides needed to be mindful of their behavior: 

Reports this evening that two of our NYPD officers were assaulted by protestors reminds us that here in New York City, violence or threats of violence against the police are unacceptable and will absolutely not be tolerated. These attacks will be thoroughly investigated, and we will urge the full prosecution of the perpetrators,” the mayor said in a statement.

And any other person who might use the right to peaceful protest as cover to initiate violence, cause mayhem or incite disorder — whether against the police, the people or property of our great City — should consider themselves on notice that New York City will not stand for it. Anyone who decides foolishly to engage in such destructive acts can expect a swift arrest and aggressive prosecution. As I have said before, such activity is beneath the dignity of New York City.

[via Bedford + Bowery, Daily Intelligencer, and CBS New York]