Though FX's other attempts at matching the success of Archer have proven far from fruitful (i.e. Unsupervised and Chozen), the dark clouds otherwise known as the sophomore slump might finally be parting for the adventurous network. Diddy is reportedly producing an animated series for FX entitled Brightmoor, created and written by Chris Powell (Comedian CP) and King of the Hill's Chip Hall.

Brightmoor, set in inner-city Detroit and centered around a group of friends at Brightmoor Elementary, will reportedly have quite the South Park vibe — implying general vulgarity, a dedication to irreverence, or both. Though any statements on Diddy's involvement in the series aside from serving as producer are pure speculation, it's difficult not to hope for Diddy to provide the voice of, say, a Drake-quoting guidance counselor.

However, I'm mostly just hoping for another Diddy and Joaquin Phoenix collaboration.