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After months and months and months of speculation, Bruce Jenner will finally talk about his transition from a man to woman. ABC News confirmed Diane Sawyer's interview with Jenner about his sex change will air on April 24.

“Bruce Jenner’s far-ranging, exclusive interview with ABC News Anchor Diane Sawyer airs Friday, April 24 on a special edition of “20/20.” The two-hour special, “Bruce Jenner – The Interview” airs on the ABC Television Network at 9 p.m., ET,” the network announced.

The tabloids have photographed Jenner’s changing appearance for months, including today's TMZ report of Jenner hiking in a sweatshirt on a hot day in California, possibly to cover up his breast implants. Sawyer allegedly interviewed the 65-year-old around the same time his decision to become a woman became public and his appearance began to rapidly change. His Adam’s apple appeared to be dwindling , his hair was getting longer and his fingernails were painted bright colors.

Updates on the former Olympian's transition stalled after Jenner was involved in a car crash killing a woman and injuring seven along the Pacific Coast Highway two months ago. Swayer will ask about the highway incident along with the details of his sex change operation that is reportedly happening this summer during the anticipated interview that will surely sweep ratings.

The interview with Sawyer will be the first time Jenner will speak about his transition by a major news outlet. It's thought to be a preface for Jenner's docu-series that is expected to run on E! this year.