It's said that the longer with you're with someone, the more you start to look like them. There may be some truth to that. The more time you spend with your boo, the more things you start to notice about them—the way they walk, talk, dress, their hangry voice, and what they're like in bed. The list goes on. In a longterm, committed relationship, there's so much room to get to know your partner's little quirks—and maybe, make fun of them for it. 

That's what we asked New York couples do to in this latest Couples Game video. We wanted them to let it allll out—so we asked them to switch clothes and do their best impersonations of each other. Some of the guys have questions: are girls always this cold when they wear skirts? (Girlfriend says YES.) The results are brutally honest and laugh-out-loud funny. See for yourself above.