We are now only one god away from a full-blown, royalty-packed Independence Day sequel. As we reported back in March, Charlotte Gainsbourg recently joined Liam Hemsworth, Jessie Usher, and Pull Out King Jeff Goldblum in the Roland Emmerich-helmed sequel which is set to arrive just shy of twenty years after the original 1996 blockbuster. After some premature speculation gave way to a potentially President Whitmore-less return to the land of exploding White Houses and action hero golden retrievers, Emmerich tweeted two casting announcements that we can only assume Will Smith didn't favorite.

"Welcome back, Bill Pullman," Emmerich tweeted alongside a screencap of Pullman as Whitmore cruising heroically in a fighter jet. Emmerich also announced the return of Judd Hirsch as Goldblum's enigmatic father with a penchant for cigars.

Here's to hoping that Will Smith's FOMO will kick in and properly outfit this film with slightly updated versions of the iffily written but expertly delivered one-liners we all cherished back in 1996. At the very least, let it be Jaden.