Last week, Warner Bros released the official trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice after a bootleg version went up online — and now we know what Ben Affleck's Batman sounds like when he ominously asks British actor Henry Cavill as Superman, "Do you bleed?"

Affleck-as-Batman haters can rejoice, if momentarily, because someone made a Batman v Superman trailer that doesn't involve him at all. In fact, none of the new cast members are in it — it's made up entirely of footage from the old-school Batman TV show and Superman movies. 

The parody trailer is dark — very dark. It puts together the audio from the official trailer with clips from the '60s TV series 'Batman' and the '70s and '80s Superman movies to make it look like one badass, dystopian superhero flick of the ages. It's almost more exciting that than the real trailer, which gives away very little about the plot itself. In the spoof, Christopher Reeves and Adam West run around town, remind us of a time when tights were a thing and superheroes were like, very skinny.