When I lived in Los Angeles I was blown away by how many women on Tinder identified themselves as aspiring actress or models (or both). (One time I even saw porn star April O'Neil, who obviously didn't swipe right.) So it would logically follow that these women, who were very often very attractive, would remain somewhat attractive if their dreams were interrupted by a virus turning them into flesh-hungry monsters. 

The Walking Dead spinoff, which will be set in L.A., will feature "sexy zombies," according to star Kim Dickens. The actress also revealed she hasn't seen the original series or read the comic book, a shunning encouraged by creator Robert Kirkman.

She told E!:

"When I was getting close to getting the role I inquired what I should watch of it and they said don't watch it because A. It's going to be different than that and B. Your character wouldn't know what the apocalypse looks like anyway, you know? It was interesting to think of it that way. ‘Oh yeah, I don't need to watch it.' We're going to be doing something different, it's going to be filmed differently. My character wouldn't know that, she wouldn't have that information so it was a fascinating way to start it, sort of clueless just like the characters really are."

We're guaranteed to get at least two seasons of the new show and its sexy zombies, as AMC has already committed to two seasons. You can catch the season premiere some time this summer.