In a clever viral campaign to promote their upcoming debauched workplace comedy Unfinished Business, 20th Century Fox partnered up with iStock to render droll stock photos featuring stars Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson looking like regular ol' nine-to-fivers. Here's the kicker: the campaign was so effective that Vaughn had no idea he was even participating in it. 

In an interview with LA's Kevin & Bean morning show, Vaughn came clean about his experience being a stock photo model: 

“You know, I just found out about those. I don’t remember doing a shoot for those, but they released these photos I guess where people in office can look like they’re part of an office meeting with Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco and myself. It looks kind of goofy and funny. But I didn’t know they were doing that. That was news to me.”

This is quite ironic because Vince Vaughn's schlubby self actually blends in quite naturally next to those ordinary office folks. Dave Franco and his straight-from-the-Abercrombie & Fitch-catalog look, not so much. 

Unfinished Business hits theaters this Friday. 

[Via UpRoxx]


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