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As Twitter has been quick to point out, this video is a perfect representation of the American justice system. In it a handcuffed white dude runs away as five cops surround a black suspect being tasered. No one pays attention to him until he's in stride. He's already across the street by the time we see just one of the cops going after him. 

@deray watching it unfold live yesterday, we knew the moment they referred to him as a "white suspect" that he'd be taken alive.

— caleb micah coy (@calebmicah) March 19, 2015

Twitter also blessed us with a version of the video overdubbed with Drake's "Know Yourself." Making it all the more poetic is the location of the incident, 6th street in Austin, Texas. Running through the six with my woes, indeed. 

Most likely the most amazing thing you'll see on the internets today 😂😭

— Irv (@thisisIRV) March 19, 2015

Police confirmed the video is real and said the fleeing suspect was eventually caught and arrested. 

[via KXAN]