Internet commenters are THE WORST (sorry, anyone who feels compelled to troll this post, but I feel like you know your reputation), and everyone knows it. But no one may have wrapped up the horrible nature of the commenter as well as comedian Trevor Moore in his new Comedy Central stand-up special, Trevor Moore: High in Church

In this tune, "The Ballad of Billy John," Moore sings about an earnest, elderly folk singer who finally puts himself out there by uploading his music to YouTube. BIG mistake in the digital age—and Billy John (and his wife) learn that the hard way. Like seriously, why are internet commenters so viciously vulgar?

Watch and listen above as Moore takes a sharp stab at modern-day trolls (and the internet age, in general) through the guise of folk rock. Then check out the full stand-up special when it airs on March 6 on Comedy Central at Midnight ET. 

And please, take it easy on the nice old guys on the internet.