Sarah Jessica Parker sat behind Tom Hanks at the Rangers game last night, and cameras caught her eavesdropping/looking as disgusted as humanly possible. Maybe Tom Hanks smells like farts. More likely, he said something that SJP just did NOT approve of. 

Here are some possibilities:

  • "You know, I never found it believable that a lifestyle blogger could afford so many shoes."
  • "Did you see the Entourage trailer that came out tonight!? It's going to be a hundred times better than those awful Sex in the City movies HBO put out. Vinny Chase vs. Carrie? Come on."
  • "Thankfully Matthew McConaughey has finally recovered from making Failure to Launch."
  • "It's total bullshit that that show had a character named Big. Big is MY THING!"
  • "Ferris Bueller wasn't even cool! And the guy who played him is still a total nerd."
  • "Have you ever seen Family Guy? They make a joke one episode about how Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a horse that's just amazing."
  • "If you ask me, Carrie was bigger skank than Samantha."
  • "That movie I Don't Know How She Does It? Well I do—SHE HAS A PERSONAL ASSISTANT AND A NANNY!"
  • "My son is really starting to nail this rap thing."

Feel free to submit your best guesses in the comments below.

UPDATE: This Vine was so dope that Sarah Jessica Parker's publicist literally had to waste time explaining it. Here's what the rep said: "They were pretend fighting about them (Tom and Rita) being Kings fans and SJP and family being Rangers fans. She adores Tom and Rita." Alright so, way more boring than the above guesses.