Okay, things are about to get a little bit mushy, so prepare yourselves.

Doesn't everyone deserve to find love, to experience life and feel the thrill of living? Even those people hampered by their own pysches, trapped by their own minds? If you answered yes, let me introduce you to The Road Within (if you answered no, well, that's really sad, dude).

Written and directed by up-and-comer Gren Wells, The Road Within tells a story about three kids dealing with all the feelings teenagers have to deal with—all while living within the confines of a pyschiatric center. Vincent (Robert Sheehan) is a prisoner to Tourette's Syndrome before he meets a new friend (Dev Patel) and a potential love interest (played by our dreamgirl, Zoe Kravitz). And when the trio busts out of the loony bin—Zoe Kravitz is the dopest grand theft auto suspect we've ever seen—that's when life really begins.

Check out the trailer for The Road Within above (and check out the poster below). You can catch the movie when it hits Video on Demand on March 17, or when it hits theaters on April 17.