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You're probably well-versed in the trials and tribulations of Colombia's most notorious drug lord, Pablo Escobar, the man who lived a life so glamorous and illicit that Vinny Chase once yearned to make a movie about him. What you probably never think of though, are the people at the completely opposite end of the food chain—the mules.

Manos Sucias, directed by Josef Wladyka (Tribeca Film Festival's 2014 Best New Narrative Director) and executive produced by Spike Lee, tells this story. In the movie, three desperate Colombian men take to the Pacific Ocean on a dingy with little security and/or cover, and 100 kilos of cocaine in storage. As you'd expect, the waters get very rough very quickly.

Check out the trailer for Manos Sucias above. The movie hits theaters in New York on April 3 and in Los Angeles on April 10, among other cities.