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If you're worried about your level of porn consumption you can chill out. A UCLA study reveals not only that porn isn't bad for you, but that men who spend more time watching it are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and have higher sex drives. 

Researchers recruited 280 men and asked them to log their time spent watching porn and fill out questionnaires on their sexual desire and activity. Those who watched at least two hours of porn per week reported the highest levels of "excitement" and a "stronger desire" to be with their partners. 

It's important to note that this is a matter of correlation and not necessarily causation. In other words, if you're watching porn it probably means you have a solid sex drive. But putting in overtime on PornHub isn't going to improve your libido. 

Now go ahead and head into Incognito Mode because we know that's what you've been waiting to do since reading the headline. 

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