Starbucks has come up with an idea that's so bad we're just going to tell you what it is and start posting Twitter responses. Cool? Okay.

The mega coffee house has decided that they will be an agent for racial harmony by having their baristas randomly write #racetogether on your coffee cup so that the two of you can discuss racial topics when what you ordered is served to you.

Presumably when the purchaser is having this conversation they are under-caffeinated and/or on their way to work, i.e. presumably already a little agitated. So Starbucks is seizing on that and asking their lowest paid employees to leave room not just for milk, but for race statistics, and debates—while they serve the customer.

As promised, a latte for your thoughts.

And will there be new drinks in this magical post-racist caffeinated world?

Oooh, chai, things are gonna get easier... thanks to Starbucks' #racetogether.