A 30-40 production crew on Sharknado 3, must look at that "3" in the title, and then look back at their deal memo and scream, "Oh, hell no!" And not just because that's the genius tagline for the third entry into a low-budget franchise where a tornado picks up a bunch of sharks and drops them wherever destiny guides it. No, the crew is looking for health insurance to guarantee that they'll provide their best work.

When the work in question is for a network (Syfy) that hangs its hat on an annual shark-tornado phenomenon—where chainsaws, water pressure, harnesses, and (occasional) mechanical sharks are all involved—oh, hell yeah! Get that insurance!

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and sometimes it gives you sharknados. If Ian Ziering can get a raise for this, but you can't spread the wealth, at least spread the health. And then give the viewing public what they want.