Welcome to #RealTalk, a video series from Complex where we take the words out of a celebrity's mouth and give them to another. Because as you'll see above, sometimes one man's words can work perfectly for someone else.

Paul McCartney has a knack for choosing difficult, contemptuous partners. More than forty years after working with the guy who said the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus," Sir Paul hitched his wagon to the rapper who wrote a four-minute song called "I Am a God." The dude's just really drawn to colossal egos, apparently.

So it shouldn't be too surprising that the words of Paul's past and current partners, John Lennon and Kanye West, are so reasonably interchangeable. But even so, we're thinking that if Lennon was still alive he might need a little precursor on this Yeezus collab, so we let the latter do the talking... while Lennon's lips did the moving.

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