Is nothing sacred? Apparently not according to RadioShack. The sleazy company is reportedly getting ready to sell off millions of customers' personal information in a bankruptcy auction. A Bloomberg report suggest the data, including 13 million email addresses and 65 million customer names and physical addresses, might be sold along with RadioShack's name and intellectual property.

Hilco Streambank, the intellectual property and asset firm handling the sale, notes the bankruptcy court might not approve the deals. But the fact is, the data is still up for grabs.

Legal action has already been taken hoping to stop the sale from Texas' attorney general and Tennessee's attorney general, according to Business Insider.  AT&T, who once worked with the now-bankrupt company, says RadioShack's records should be destroyed. tried to do something similar in 2000 but was shut down because the data included info about kids. Oh, don't you love corporate America?