Comedy Central’s new series Big Time in Hollywood, FL won’t premiere on the network until next Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. ET/9:30 p.m. CT, but Complex readers are being given the unprecedented opportunity to watch the entire pilot episode right now by clicking above. Aside from just being ahead of the game, which we all know is essential, here are a few reasons to drop what you’re doing and hit play.

The show centers around two brothers, played by Alex Anfanger and Lenny Jacobson, whose life-long dream is to make movies. Unfortunately, these two lack any shred of talent. Like, they have none whatsoever. They do, on the other hand, possess loads of misguided faith. And, man, is it ever misguided. They will stop at nothing—and we mean nothing—to achieve their goal, and the results are both hilarious and cringe-worthy in the best possible way.

The best part about Big Time, however, may be the real story behind its creators. Anfanger and his writing partner, Dan Schimpf, who directs the episodes, were a couple of recent NYU grads making internet videos together when they actually did achieve the dream of every young filmmaker. Not only were their videos seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers, but one viewer in particular, none other than Ben Stiller, decided to take the boys under his wing. With Stiller’s co-sign, Big Time went from pipe-dream to Comedy Central series (and you might want to keep an eye out for an appearance by Mr. Stiller, as well).

So click above to watch the pilot episode right now! We promise you’ll be jonesing for more.