The temptation to draw dicks in inappropriate places is one of the most powerful forces known to man. You can be minding your own business at a restaurant when you spot a container of crayons on the table. You look down and realize the tablecloth is made of paper. Without realizing it you grab the Atomic Tangerine, and next thing you know a graphic penis complete with veins and unkempt hair has somehow appeared in front of you. Your parents, girlfriend, and girlfriend's parents stare at you horrified. "What just happened?" you ask like a Werewolf waking up the morning after a full moon. 

A pilot apparently succumbed to that same temptation, as evidenced by a screenshot on FlightRadar. The image confirmed to be real shows a flight path shaped like a penis over Lakeland, Fla. Either the pilot was really bored, or this is a highly improbable coincidence. We're leaning towards the former because the power of dick drawings is real. 

Stay woke.