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David Letterman's days as The Late Show host are numbered, and former Saturday Night Live star Norm Macdonald decided he couldn't let Dave go without getting a little something to remember him by. On tonight's episode of The Late Show, Macdonald reminded Letterman that he only has twelve episodes left. "This may be my last appearance!" joked Macdonald. Letterman, ever the gentleman, offered him anything in the studio as a souvenir.

Things took a turn when Macdonald leapt out of his chair and latched on to a CBS video camera, lugging it off stage. Sure, the gag may have been scripted—but at one point, Macdonald seemed to lose control of the gigantic camera and they both went crashing into a column. If it really was an accident, Letterman didn't seem too concerned. "That's fine," he waved it off. "It's still under warranty."

Maybe not the weirdest thing that's happened on The Late Show, but pretty funny nonetheless.