Nicholas Brendon has been arrested for the third time in six months for his distuptive behavior at various hotels. The actor is best known as Xander, whose hopeless crush on a high school vampire slayer led him into the ghoulish netherworld of Southern California in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Brendon's been making the rounds at various fan conventions—and has frequently been escorted by police from his hotel room. 

In February, he was arrested in Florida for refusing to pay for $450 in damages to his hotel room, and the $380 food and beverage bill that was charged to his room. Last October, Brendon was arrested in Boise, Idaho after getting into a fight with the hotel staff and breaking an antique dish during his City of Trees Comic-Con inhospitable stay. 

Brendon now has his third hotel strike. He was arrested last night after he'd called the police to inform him that his phone and wallet were missing. The police found his bed overturned, the toilet overflowing, and a bottle of various pills. As for the wallet? It was in plain sight on the dresser. Brendon was in Tallahassee, Florida for ALT*Con, where he was scheduled to appear as Xander, but instead acted like a "Florida man." 

His day began with his team asking for a blue checkmark verification next to his Twitter account. But there appear to be bigger problems plaguing the actor than a mark of social authenticity.