As beloved as Apple is overall, the Apple TV just hasn't got that much love since it came out in 2012, which had some people thinking that Apple's next move might be to go back to that old idea of developing an actual iTV television set

Buzzfeed is hearing otherwise. Citing anonymous sources within the company, the site says Apple has huge plans for the next generation of its set top box Apple TV device, including a TV-centric app store that would include games, a whole lot more storage for those apps, Siri voice control and maybe some home automation features (think door locks, garage doors, etc.). 

That would be a massive leap forward from the current Apple TV, which was discounted to $69 recently, but its not much more than an Xbox One with a Kinect can do (except for the home automation), but that currently runs $499. There's also  the Apple interface and user experience, which we know they generally have on lock. 

This news comes on the heels of The Wall Street Journal reporting that Apple is close to having its long-awaited streaming TV service up and running. That service will reportedly offer a smaller bundle of already existing TV networks than cable, for a better price.