Mo'Nique continues to speak out about her recent struggles in Hollywood and has revealed yet another role she says she was passed up for. The actress who may or may not have been blackballed since winning an Oscar for Precious says Lee Daniels offered her the part of Cookie Lyon on Empire before Fox stopped things from moving forward because she's "too difficult."

"Mr. Daniels offered me the part of Cookie, and I have the emails and the sides to go along with it, and what he said was, 'I'm new to this TV thing. This is just a technicality… you have the role,'" she told Access Hollywood. "Okay. I have the emails. Well, four days have gone by because I didn't receive a phone call or another email for the location of where I was supposed to go to do this screen test."

According to Empire co-creator Danny Strong this never happened, though. He also refutes her claim that she was offered a part in the The Butler, which he co-wrote and produced. 

We're not sure what's going on anymore, but it's clear Mo'Nique has few people pulling the strings on her side.