Earlier this week, a tease of the cover art for Marvel's upcoming All-New, All-Different Avengers comic (which will focus on what the all-new Avengers line-up post-"Secret Wars") caused a stir. It only featured the ass-kicking female Thor and Jersey City's own Ms. Marvel, with the rest of the characters but they blacked out the characters so wild that it was hard to make sense of who was there... until this morning.

Confirmed by Wired UK, Marvel's All-New, All-Different Avengers is an interesting cast of characters. The illest addition to the group is Miles Morales, aka the Ultimate Universe's latest Spider-Man, who's standing front and center. In a post-"Secret Wars" world, with the Marvel-616 and Ultimate universes no longer existing, it made sense for Marvel to bring in one of their biggest wins from the last few years. Joining him will be Sam Wilson (pka Falcon) as Captain America, Nova, Iron Man, and Vision.

One interesting point that Comics Alliance brought up is that there appears to only be one white male in the roster. We say "appears" because no one knows who will be in that Iron Man suit. If you've been following current Iron man storylines, Tony Stark is currently on some super egotistical shit, rocking totally different gear and calling himself "Superior." There's no telling how the "Secret Wars" will affect Stark, and some fans are already speculating that it's actually Pepper Potts–Stark's long-time associate–donning the infamous suit. With Ms. Marvel, Spider-Miles, and yung Nova all in the mix, it's ill to see three of the seven team members still being high school age.

While there are a number of questions about the Avengers group (for example, is this the final cast of characters?), as of right now Marvel's senior VIP and executive editor Tom Brevoort is only quoted with the following:

"So throw out your preconceptions about Earth's Mightiest Heroes as we change the game, rewrite the rules and destroy childhoods with an Avengers team that more closely reflects the world outside your window!"

You can snag All-New, All-Different AvengersUncanny Inhumans, and Secret Wars #0 on May 2, aka Free Comic Book Day.