In five years your Facebook News Feed will look drastically different than it does today—and not just because your friends will be doing more adult stuff like getting married, having babies, and pretending like a night in is fun. Mark Zuckerberg declared at Facebook's annual annual F8 developer conference that the social network will soon be dominated by video. It's the logical progression as the social network has gone from text- to photo-dominated, he said. 

Of course, this means we can expect new video features. He announced the ability to post 360-degree videos to the News Feed will be added soon, and YouTube announced users will soon be able to post videos to Facebook and YouTube simultaneously, eliminating extra work. 

All of this assumes we'll still be using Facebook in five years. The social network was the only major one to experience a decrease in usage last year. Facebook saw a nine percent in active usage last year, while Pinterest and Tumblr saw a 97 and 95 percent raise, respectively. 

[via THR​]