Earlier today people got together to mourn the death of the man shot and killed by the LAPD over the weekend after a violent confrontation that was captured on video and went viral. It turns out that the man, who was identified today as Charley Saturmin Robinet, had been accused of stealing a French man’s identity over a decade ago. He in fact was not Charley Saturmin Robinet. 

A French consulate spokesman told the L.A. Times the man had stolen Robinet’s identity in order to get a French passport and come to the states in the late ‘90s.

He managed to fly under the radar until he was arrested for a Wells Fargo bank robbery in Thousand Oaks, California. French authorities reached out to him in 2000 when he was convicted and that’s when, according to the AP, the identity theft was discovered.

It was then French officials alerted the Department of Homeland Security after confirming the real Robinet was alive in France. However, French officials say they never found out how the case turned out and didn’t know what his situation was once he got out of jail in 2014. 

Deputy U.S. Marshal Matthew Cordova said that a federal arrest warrant was issued Jan. 9, less than two months ago, after he violated his probation terms.

As of now the L.A. County coroner would not confirm the man’s identity as they are still trying to contact his next of kin. 

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