Over a kilo of meth was discovered inside of two stuffed rabbits inside of a man's suitcases at JFK International Airport last week, authorities say. 

The New York Daily News reports that investigators halted Lucas Dasilva after he exited a plane from California on Friday. In his possession was Brazilian passport featuring a fake name, but that didn't stop a DEA agent (he was already facing drug charges in Florida) from recognizing him.

After being escorted away by federal agents, Dasilva contented to a search. Inside of his suitcases were the two offending stuffed rabbits, which contained the drugs and assorted drug paraphernalia. The Daily News adds that Dasilva then allowed agents to search his apartment, leading to the discovery of more meth, as well as cocaine.

Consequently, Dasilva has been slapped with even more drug charges than he was already facing. 

[via New York Daily News]