For a few months I've tried to pretend this Rihanna-Leonardo DiCaprio thing wasn't happening. I made jokes about it and ignored the reports that flooded in out of complete denial that the universe would ever gift popular culture with such a perfect union. The coolest guy in Hollywood linked up with the baddest girl in music? Nah, never.

More and more though it's looking like dreams do come true, even in the age of "Pics or It Didn't Happen." Leo threw Rihanna a blowout 27th birthday party last week, and today, TMZ released pictures from it, showing the two superstars getting pretty close and maybe (read: probably) smoking each other up. At least in the gossip world, this thing is now real. And I'm all in.

But the question still remains, "How the hell did these two get together?" Sure, they're both super hot—that's usually enough—but they don't exactly make sense as a couple. Is this a relationship founded on looks and a shared affinity for tropical islands and partying, or can Leo and RiRi actually get this thing off the ground? Let's find out, with a few examples of conversations they've probably had.