Kim Kardashian: Hollywood—the game where you get to dress Kim and go shopping—has been downloaded by 28 million devices, and added up to 11 billion minutes of playing time since the game app launched in June 2014. Kim Kardashian told Adweek that she's working with the game's designers Glu Mobile to make more apps.

"I want to have a bigger presence in the tech world," Kardashian told the mag. With her first app generating $74 million in revenue, in addition to a collected 55 million social media followers who follow her every move, we're sure that the tech world is happy to oblige all her whimsies. The New York Post reports that Kardashian could make up to $85 million off of the game this year alone.

As for HollywoodKardashian hints that, "I think that adding my family members [as characters] and a bunch of cameos will get people excited." 

Kardashian also has a photo book that will be released in 2015. The subject, of course, will be herself. "[I took] my first selfie in 1984," Kardashian said, "and that opens up the book. For a decade, I've carried a big digital camera, and I think it's just fascinating to see the process of what types of photos evolve. Mine started off on digital cameras, then they went to a BlackBerry and then a smartphone. There's just such an evolution of the selfie."

The issue itself is very revealing, but not in that expected expose-all Kardashian™ way. No, Kim must really want to be taken seriously by the tech (and ad) world, because she appeared fully clothed for the mobile-centric issue. Meaning: she may want to "break the internet" with her butt, but she doesn't want to break your mobile phone. Cuz—that's where you follow her selfie posts... and play her apps.