One of our generation's defining (and annoying) traits is our incessant need to document everything. If we don't Instagram it, it obviously didn't happen. Sometimes we even do things purely for the 'gram. 

For an upcoming book called How to Fuck a Woman (charming) John Stamos revealed a hilarious but not-so-shocking detail about his sex life: a couple of women have asked for post-coitus selfies. Even if it's bad, sex with a celebrity has always been worth it to brag about to your friends. But now you can't simply brag; you need proof. 

Stamos also said one woman wanted a shirt for a souvenir, which isn't actually that weird. Maybe the souvenir part is, but you're basically signing up to have at least one article of clothing stolen every time you have sex with a woman. 

As for Stamos' approach to sex, well, it's "musical." He wrote: "It’s about listening, asking, talking . . . I guess I do approach sex in a musical way. With me, it’s more rhythm than melody with a woman . . . but it’s all listening . . . With women, you have to listen to their bodies."

So there's that. 

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