Wednesday is ugh, April Fools' Day-the only day people who aren't funny can get away with thinking they actually are. The fake relationship statuses on Facebook, not-so-funny pregnancy announcements and the array of other lame pranks are kind of annoying. You probably don't like April Fools' (or maybe you do) but you definitely don't hate it as much as John Oliver.

The comedian unleashes his disdain for the faux holiday on a web exclusive video of Last Week Tonight.

"April Fools' Day is to comedy, as Saint Patrick's Day is to Irish culture," he says. "Pranks are terrible. Anybody who claims to be excited for April Fools' Day is probably a sociopath."

Oliver despises it so much that he wants you to take the Last Week Tonight no-prank pledge so that you "don't be a dick."

Who knew a comedian could hate a day designated for jokes. Come on John Oliver, why so serious?!

[via The Daily Dot]