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In creepy Los Angeles crime news, Hollywood producer Jill Blackstone, well known for her work on The Jerry Springer Show, Dr. Drew, and other ratchet TV shows, was arrested as part of an ongoing investigation in the death of her sister.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Blackstone was taken into custody sometime on Saturday. Since then, the district attorney has decided not to press charges, and though Blackstone was held on $1 million bail, she was released today in the late afternoon. The district attorney has not made any other comment at this time, and it is unclear whether or not Blackstone could be charged somewhere down the line.

But here's the creepy part: according to TMZ, the victim Wendy Blackstone was found by law enforcement officials in the garage of Jill's San Fernando Valley home, along with three dead dogs. When the police identified her, the producer said that her sister's death was a suicide, but they didn't seem to buy that story and arrested her anyway. Law enforcement officials are said to be waiting on the coroner's toxicology report.

It's official: this story is way dodgier than any episode of Jerry Springer.