We all know George Costanza played by Jason Alexander on Seinfeld was basically the real-life Larry Davidso in some backward sort of way it makes sense that Alexander is taking over as Norman Drexel in Fish in the Dark, a character often compared to David's Curb Your Enthusiasm character "Larry David," which (we like to believe) is a lot like real-life him. 

Alexander will step into the role played so far by David in the play written by David (his Broadway debut),  according to Deadline. David's last performance will be June 7, which was supposed to be the final show, until its successful run was extended another six weeks. 

Alexander has plenty of stage experience, he even won a Tony in 1989, but hasn't performed on Broadway since 1990. 

In a canned press release statement, Alexander took the chance to remind us that he doesn't have hair. 

"It is totally amazing that (Larry David) also created the show that would bring me back to Broadway. I am thrilled I get to do this hilarious play for him and with this wonderful cast. It is quite simply more fun than any bald man should have.”