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Clay Davis should have been one of the most unlikeable characters on The Wire. The crooked state senator was a posterboy for what everyone hates about politics, his only loyalty being to the guap. But his bullshit was so shameless and charming he was impossible to hate. And his signature "sheeeeeeeeeit" didn't hurt either. 

Isiah Whitlock, Jr., the actor who played Senator Davis, is appeasing our need for more "sheeeeeeeeeit" in our lives by launching a Kickstarter campaign for his talking bobblehead. It features three different recordings: an all-purpose "sheeeeeeeeeit," "you don't know sheeeeeeeeeit," and "mhmm, sheeeeeeeeeit."

For just $25 you can secure your own bobblehead, but if you kick in some more dough the rewards are even more entertaining. For $1,000 Whitlock Jr. will personally coach you on how to say "sheeeeeeeeeit." And for $10,000 you and three friends can join him as he makes his 2015 vintage wine followed by a private dinner party. 

Unlike dirty politics, we can't knock this hustle. Whitlock Jr. recruited Jamie Hector (Marlo Stanfield) to tease the product. He even owns​ (with nine Es).