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The names of the crew of the helicopter that crashed near the Florida panhandle last week have been released, according to officials. 

Eleven servicemen—seven Marines from Camp Lejune, N.C.; four soldiers from a National Guard unit in Hammond, La.—were killed when the Army National Guard's UH-60 Black Hawk crashed in the Santa Rosa Sound. The Louisiana National Guard told the Associated Press that the following members of the flight crew perished in the tragic accident: 

Piloting the helicopter were Chief Warrant Officer George Wayne Griffin Jr. of Delhi, 37, and Chief Warrant Officer George David Strother of Alexandria, 44. Both were decorated veteran pilots.

Also killed were Staff Sgt. Lance Bergeron, 40, of Thibodaux and Staff Sgt. Thomas Florich, Fairfax, Virginia.

The Louisiana National Guard's Maj. Gen. Glenn H. Curtis told the Associated Press that the deceased will receive military burials. 

[via Associated Press]