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A Chinese man's preferences should have been clear when he decided to break up with woman for another. But the former and current lovers wanted to make Wu Hsia decide again, this time with more danger involved. 

Jun Tang (the ex) and Rong Tsao (the girlfriend) got into an argument at a beauty salon. Jun was offended by a comment of Rong's and decided to jump into a river to force Wu to save her. Fearing that Wu would save Jun, Rong decided to jump in, too. Who do you love more, Wu!?

Wu chose his current girlfriend, shunning his ex once again. He brought her to the hospital and called his brother to go save Jun. Being the only person smart enough not to jump in a river, the brother called fire department to go save her. "She was taken to hospital but was released soon after without any major injuries," a rescue worker said. 

Props to Wu for staying loyal to his current girlfriend, but after the rescue he should have dumped her as well. That's the most frightening stunt a partner has pulled off since Gone Girl

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