German officials claim that the co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 had an illness that he disclosed, and French authorities have reportedly found human remains from the tragic crash which killed all 150 people aboard the plane earlier this week. 

According to CNN, German prosecutors say documents were found inside the home of 28-year-old Andreas Lubitz which revealed that he had a secret illness. The specific type of illness wasn't disclosed: 

But documents found in a search of Andreas Lubitz's home and that of his parents indicate an existing illness as well as adequate medical treatment thereof, the prosecutor's office said.

The fact that investigators found ripped, recent medical leave notes, including for the day of the offense (crash), leads to the preliminary conclusion that the deceased kept his illness secret from his employer and his professional environment.

It has yet to be revealed if the illness is mental physical. In addition, the Associated Press reports that French police found 400 to 600 pieces of remains from the crash. Col. Patrick Touron told the Associated Press that none of the bodies recovered were in tact, adding that the victims' families had to provide items like toothbrushes so officials could gather DNA samples. 

The investigation into the crash continues. 

[via CNN and Associated Press]