Our latest competitor in the never-ending game of "Which Frat Does the Dumbest Shit?" is Syracuse's Nu Alpha Phi chapter. One of the fraternity's pledges may lose four fingers from getting frostbite in a weekend hazing incident.

An unnamed 20-year-old and two other pledges were forced to do push-ups and other exercises in the snow Saturday night after "failing to perform their daily duties." The pledge went to the hospital the next day, where he was told he may lose his ring and pinkie fingers on both hands due to severe frostbite. A follow-up appointment Thursday or Friday will determine the future of his hands, Syracuse police Lt. Eric Carr said. 

"Obviously he’s concerned because this could be a life-altering injury," Carr added. 


Police arrested two Nu Alpha Phi brothers—Tae Kim, 19 and Jeffrey Yam, 21—Wednesday and charged them with first-degree hazing. The university has also suspended the chapter. 

If only those pledges would have done their chores...