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Everyone has to start somewhere, and this includes your favorite actors. It may be hard to imagine George Clooney or Angelina Jolie as anything less than stars, but when they started their careers, they were just as unknown as you. When we think of the biggest names in Hollywood, we tend to associate them with their most iconic roles, but sometimes it’s more interesting to lean about their first films ever.

For most of the people on this list, their first gigs were in low-budget movies that barely anyone saw, and they probably wish they could forget. Others somehow managed to land roles in films that were actually well received, or eventually became cult classics. You might be shocked to find out which of today’s most famous actors started his career with a small, nameless role in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

We’ve compiled this list of 15 of today’s leading actors and their humble beginnings. Check out new movies you’ve never heard of, or re-watch old favorites, and look out for an appearance by a young star in the making that you never noticed before. It’s always nice to know that the rich and famous were once regular people in low-budget flicks.