Facebook is testing a great new app for your phone—it allows you receive voice calls, and it also screens those calls to give you information about the caller, and block numbers identified as spam. Oooh! Another device is known to do this pretty well—it's called your phone. As in, the thing you would run this app on. Similarly, Facebook's new app is also called "Phone."

But Facebook might not be ready to launch its latest and most brilliant technological innovation to the public yet. According to Android Police (via Mashable), it seems like Facebook is just testing "Phone" internally—a leaked screenshot of the voice-calling app shows an "FB-Only" label. Because, I don't know, only Facebook employees would be able to handle the added value of caller ID and blocking phone numbers.

Maybe Facebook is trying to make it easier to forget your ex—the way you can also unfollow dreaded acquaintances on the social network. Or maybe Facebook wants to take over every basic function your phone can do. (Next up—a Facebook app that displays the current time! They'll call it "Clock.")

Mashable points out that this isn't "the first time Facebook has experimented with voice calling," that it has also launched voice-calling within the Messenger app and on the Android version of WhatsApp. Let's hope some user demographic likes it.