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Streaming video is where underdogs go to help big companies grow bigger. Like forever-threatened-to-be-canceled Arrested Development before it, Community has landed on streaming apps for its sixth season. It starts on Yahoo, and it starts this Tuesday. But unlike Netflix, you've got to go back every Tuesday for the (free) episodes. 

Are you somehow confused about how to watch it? Gillian Jacobs took to Instagram to show you just how easy it is.

How to watch Community on Yahoo Screen. Premieres March 17th! (I should add that it is FREE)

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Okay, that's great. But what about that damn movie that creator Dan Harmon kept threatening to make if NBC canceled them (obvs, they did)? “Yahoo seems down for just about anything,” Harmon said during a Yahoo panel at the SXSW Film/Music/Tech fest. “I don’t know why they’d turn their nose up to a movie about a low-rated show. They seem to be very naive.”

Harmon has said after six seasons at Greendale Community College, he'd like to wrap it up with a movie. Hell, he even told HitFix he'd like to title a book Community: Six Seasons and a Movie. Will Yahoo jump further into the streaming-battle-ring with Netflix and Amazon by going movie-sized with a pre-existing property? Pee-wee Herman vs. Greendale? Underdog vs. Underdog. It is called Yahoo Screen after all.