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We've all seen Toddlers & Tiaras and felt like scratching our skin off because it's so freaking uncomfortable, right? Well, this beauty pageant in Cut Bank, a thriller starring Liam HemsworthTeresa Palmer and John Malkovich, is uncomfortable for a much different reason. I mostly blame Michael Stuhlbarg (A Serious ManSeven Psychopaths) and those glasses.

But it's also because Hemsworth's character finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy after witnessing a murder in his small hometown. Stuhlbarg is obviously involved, and it's just a little off-putting for Hemsworth to see the guy lurking around his girlfriend's pageant. His creepy mysteriousness is just one thread that Hemsworth has to unravel in Cut Bank.

Check out the gripping clip above, then check out Cut Bank on demand on DirecTV right now and when it comes to theaters on April 3. And lastly, feast your eyes on this gorgeous poster, which undersells how seedy the movie really is: